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Cuts affect all positions

By William W. Reichie
Special to the Daily Cal
Monday, May 2, 2011
Category: Opinion > Letters to the Editor

Your article, "Other UC Campuses Adopt OE Model" (The Daily Californian, April 26, 2011) quoted a UCB professor who commented on "the lack of any progress in chopping from the top."

In the last 24 months, the campus leadership has eliminated one deanship, one vice provostship, 2.5 assistant vice chancellorships or their functional equivalents, two associate vice chancellorships, have reduced by 50 percent the time of an assistant chancellor, and replaced two assistant vice provosts and one assistant vice chancellor with their deputies, without replacing the deputy position. There are also two other functional equivalents of assistant vice chancellors who were laid off a year ago and not (yet) replaced.

UC Berkeley is facing unprecedented financial challenges due to the continued disinvestment from higher education by the State of California. The cuts we are facing on campus are difficult, but they are being applied fairly across campus and at all levels of the organization.

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