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Hiker sent subpoena to appear in Iranian court

By Emma Anderson
Daily Cal Senior Staff Writer
Wednesday, April 27, 2011
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Sarah Shourd, a UC Berkeley alumna and one of three hikers who had been arrested in Iran in 2009, has been sent a subpoena to appear in court in the country in May, media outlets reported today.

Shourd - who was arrested by Iranian officials in 2009 for alleged spying along with fellow campus alumni Shane Bauer, Shourd's fiance, and Josh Fattal - was released on $500,000 bail last September after discovering a lump in her breast and did not appear for the trio's last trial date in February. Fattal and Bauer have remained in Iran and pleaded not guilty in court, while Shourd pleaded not guilty in absentia.

According to major media outlets, Shourd's lawyer Masoud Shafie confirmed that she has been sent the subpoena, stating that her presence in court on May 11 will be mandatory, though also reportedly said that she may not go.

The three were seized by Iranian police while hiking near the Iran-Iraq border in July 2009. They and their families have maintained that were not spying and if they crossed the border, it was not on purpose.

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