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A Call To Action

By Senior Editorial Board
Daily Cal Senior Staff Writer
Tuesday, April 19, 2011
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Thursday's announcement that all four Student Action executive candidates were elected into their respective offices by commanding margins is a sign of high expectations.

Julia Joung, Joey Freeman, Chris Alabastro and Vishalli Loomba - respectively the incoming academic affairs vice president, external affairs vice president, executive vice president and president - are our new generation of student leaders. Though we we were not confident in their abilities when we made our endorsements, the success of our student government is contingent on their success, and we hope they exceed our expectations. Though we ultimately chose not to endorse them, our hope is for our student government to succeed, and we hope they will have a successful year.

All have their tasks laid out for them. The vague proposals that they submitted to The Daily Californian can no longer substitute for the concrete plans each office requires.

Julia Joung must reconsider her plans in order to ensure she best serves her constituency - demanding greater transparency is a good goal but will not happen without careful work. Joey Freeman must work on inspiring students to lobby - a problem current EAVP Ricardo Gomez has struggled to overcome.

Chris Alabastro must work to solve a problem that EVP candidate Elliot Goldstein noted: the rampant usage of instant messaging by senators that is a source of distraction and disinterest. He must also lessen the traditional squabbling over the allocation of funding to student groups. Finally, Vishalli Loomba must ensure that the office of the president visibly produces tangible improvements for the student body.

In the past, there have been difficult transitions between administrations, especially when the replacement is a member of a different party. Current AAVP Viola Tang and EAVP Ricardo Gomez owe the student body a smooth transition and must not let partisanship get in the way of this task.

With firm control of the senate and the traditionally partisan executive positions, Student Action has the potential to make major strides on behalf of the student body. We hope that they use this power wisely and ensure that dissenting voices are heard.

The candidates have a second chance to do right by the student body - and we look forward to seeing this happen.

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