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Executive VP candidates comment on plans

By Madeleine Key
Daily Cal Staff Writer
Monday, April 4, 2011
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CANDIDATES (From Left to Right): Chris Alabastro, Student Action Max Ebert, SQUELCH! (not pictured) Katy Gilmore, Defend Affirmative Action Party Elliot Goldstein, Cooperative Movement

In an unexpected turn of events, the Defend Affirmative Action Party candidate for ASUC Executive Vice President has announced that she endorses her competitor, Cooperative Movement candidate and current senator Elliot Goldstein, for office - a decision she says was inspired by Goldstein's speeches at The Daily Californian's ASUC Candidates' Forum on Friday.

"I want what's best for the University, and Elliot is the best candidate for EVP," said DAAP candidate Katie Gilmore, who is also running for ASUC Senate. "After hearing him speak, it's obvious that he has an intimate knowledge of the inefficiencies and problems in the ASUC right now, and it seems like he has a very pragmatic approach to fixing things."

The primary duty of the EVP is to lead the senate - a role that includes chairing senate meetings, appointing senators to senate committees, breaking a tie vote in the senate, ensuring that the actions directed by the senate are carried out and planning the senate leadership retreat.

Nanxi Liu - the current EVP - said an effective EVP must be able to mediate and remain impartial during bipartisan conflicts. Additionally, the EVP is a voting member of the Store Operations Board, the body that oversees commercial spaces run by the ASUC Auxiliary.

Goldstein - the only current senator to attend all but one board meeting this year - said he would encourage senators to be more involved with the board next year. Goldstein also said his other top priorities would include increasing communication and unified action between the numerous offices of the ASUC and encouraging senators to become more relevant to the student body by raising the students' awareness of and participation in campuswide issues.

"While the senate debates $80 in funding, the Store Operations Board debates $50,000," Goldstein said. "Because the auxiliary is in a virtual deficit, we're at a point where student services are threatened of being cut and senators need to be a part of the discussions taking place."

Goldstein said that "it is so critical we have someone focused on the big picture" in light of the campus changes to come as a result of the B.E.A.R.S. Initiative, a campaign to revitalize Lower Sproul approved by students last spring, and Operational Excellence, a campus cost-cutting initiative aimed at saving $75 million annually.

Student Action candidate and current senator Chris Alabastro said in an email that he would increase student voice on issues related to the board by publicizing an online portal accessible to all students so that "they are not only aware of the decisions of the (board) but are also able to engage in forums to share their views and ideas."

He said in the email that his top priorities would be advocating for student representation throughout the Lower Sproul renovation project, developing an online system for the ASUC funding process to reduce the time spent drafting bills by student groups and senators and creating a mentorship program between upperclassmen and lowerclassmen.

"By actually being a member or officer in so many kinds of organizations and actively engaging in the programming they do, I will use my collective knowledge and experiences from these groups to most effectively serve our campus," Alabastro said in the email.

SQUELCH! party candidate Max Ebert, who is running a joke campaign to satirize ASUC elections, said in an email that though he was torn between the DAAP candidate and Goldstein, he would choose Goldstein as the best candidate.

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