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Ashby Stage

By Nastia Voynovskaya
Contributing Writer
Thursday, August 19, 2010
Category: Special

Located in South Berkeley, Ashby Stage has all the makings of a 21st-century live theater experience. The venue is home to the notoriously cutting-edge theater company, Shotgun Players, whose masterful adaptations of classics and offbeat original productions have earned them a steady following of dramaphiles and literary rebels. And did I mention the space runs on 100% solar power, sells scrumptious baked goods and ticket prices usually fall within the $20 range? Bravo! Encore!

As conscious members of the community, Shotgun Players have accrued their strong local presence by building long-term relationships with Bay Area playwrights and composers. Producing at least one commissioned work per season, the company has been known to convert its modest stage into a snowy wonderland, an English summer house or a farm full of beat-boxing animals. Many of their contemporary plays feature original musical scores that leave audiences yearning for a soundtrack to purchase. When you need a break from classes or parties, Ashby Stage's imaginative offerings will give your intellectual side a chance to, well, play.

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