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Yoo Can Hide

By Senior Editorial Board
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
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Boalt Hall and UC Berkeley have a responsibility to ensure the best possible learning experience for students, and a disruptive or loud environment infringes on students' right to the kind of education they've paid for. The controversial decision by the administration to keep Yoo's spring semester class a secret does this, which is more important than the right of others, outside of the campus, to protest at his class.

The World Can't Wait and other protesters have interrupted Yoo's class on more than one occasion and it's probable they'll repeat these actions in the future. Given the reality that activists will likely hound Yoo at every opportunity, Boalt Hall School of Law made a wise decision in keeping the location of Yoo's class confidential.

The action is unprecedented and disingenuous, especially because UC Berkeley is a public university. Though we don't, by any means, encourage secretive behavior by the administration, we want the best for students.

Protesters certainly have a right to express their views about Yoo as they wish, but by disrupting classes, they're hurting the students more than the professor. It's not unreasonable for them to have to wait until class is out to picket and make their views known.

Academic freedom is at stake in this case, but at this university, the cause of educating those who attend, rather than appeasing those on the outside, should be the primary concern. In the end, it's the students that really matter and it's the students who are paying to take Yoo's class.

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