Bone Marrow Donor Drive Reaches Out On Campus

When Sonia Rai, 24, was diagnosed in early December with acute myelogenous leukemia, an aggressive cancer that would require her ...Read More»

RSF Debuts New Machine Designed for Disabled Students

UC Berkeley senior Alex Ghenis is quadriplegic - he has limited use of his muscles and no finger function. But thanks to a newly i...Read More»

Zoning Laws May Force Fraternity's Eviction

The Sigma Epsilon Omega fraternity has ceased hosting social events and could face eviction if a September notification from the c...Read More»

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Image Protesters Blockade Birgeneau's Home
More than 100 demonstrators are sitting...Read More»
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Image Slated Co-Op Lease Expiration Prompts Awareness Ca...
Facing the expirat...Read More»
Student Communities
Image Sugar Rush
Rosa Parks Elementary School students participate ...Read More»
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