Sex on Tuesday: Penis Play

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It seems like the perfect night-a great evening with the object of your affection culminating in the musical "zzzip" of your pants being undone. Smugly, you sit back, relax and prepare to be blown away, only to be greeted by a shriek of "What on earth is that thing?" and your little guy is already retracting into nature's turtleneck like an sociopathic tortoise.

The two sides of male circumcision debate may only have a piece of skin dividing them, yet the whole issue seems to be clouded in mystery. The "immortal wisdom" of my male friends has included a variety of comments, from "You don't have to ask. Assume every guy you meet is circumcised," to "It's about 50-50."

For starters, there are a lot of uncircumcised males out there, and it is quite possible that you either are one, know one or need to know what to do with one some time in your life. Yes, there are differences in down-there dealings in each case.

Step one: Don't freak out.

It's always nice to know beforehand what to expect south of the border, but it is entirely possible that you may get a little surprise. If you've never seen an uncircumcised penis before, it may look a little bulky or "dressed up." On the other hand, many uncircumcised-penis veterans find a circumcised man a little bare looking. As foreign as a certain guy's member may look to you, you can be assured that he has been dealing with it for a long time and knows how it works. Don't be shy about revealing that you've never seen or been with a penis of his type. If he's smart, he won't give up the opportunity to give you a crash course.

Step two: Hand it over.

Yeah, like he'll argue if you want to touch it. Get familiar with the look and feel of the foreskin. Pull it back toward his belly to reveal that oh-so-familiar glans, if you like. When his penis is fully erect, the foreskin pulls back naturally.

Up for more than just casual exploration? Let's get down to business. The foreskin can be a great asset in hand jobs for that added friction, but with the caution that you don't want to give him an "Indian burn" down there. Lubricant is good for any sort of hand play but more so with uncircumcised guys.

All you uncircumcised guys: Don't be shy about helping out an unsure partner-what I call "quality time."

Step three: Put your money where your mouth is.

There are still more tricks of the trade for oral sex. If your uncircumcised guy is not fully erect, the foreskin will still be in the way. The solution: You've got a little more undressing to do.

The penile peekaboo technique supposedly works very well: Gently roll the foreskin over the tip of the penis, massaging the excess skin with your other hand. Little by little, move the foreskin back, finally pushing it back as far as it can go on the shaft and licking the tip of the now-revealed glans with your tongue.

Step four: We're goin' in!

In anal sex, as always, you'll want to use a lot of lube. Just as insurance against that fragile flap, pour on a little extra for your uncircumcised guy. You definitely don't want any tearing on either side! For vaginal intercourse, the flowing juices should set the scene nicely in either case. Go on and enjoy yourself, you crazy kids!

Step five: Are you feeling it?

Sensation-wise, I've been told that there's very little difference for the receiving partner. The question of sensitivity of the actual penis, however, has been hotly debated between the skins and the baldies. The tip of the penis is its most sensitive part, but does removing the wrapper make it more or less of a hot zone? Those who become circumcised later in life due to medical or religious reasons often complain about loss of sensation without drastic changes in technique.

Penises come in all sorts of shapes, colors, lengths, widths and, um ... accessories. Don't be afraid of a little flap of skin. Explore and open at least your mind-you may find yourself never looking back.


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