Striking Gold

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It's been said that your largest sex organ is your skin-a resource you'd be silly not to use. We have places on our bodies-not only our genitals-that have been known to drive us crazy when they get special attention.

Let's call them erogenous zones-not that it really matters, since we want to find them, not name them. Though they vary in place and responsiveness, when you find the most sensitive ones, you know you've struck gold. Thirty seconds ago, your friend was thinking about the commercial revolution of the Middle Ages, and now all they can think about is having sex with you.

Consider your last arousing make-out session. Think about it right now. It stirred you-maybe even made sex a possibility when it wasn't before. Maybe they did something to you, touched you somewhere, in some way that brought your arousal to a point of no return, turning a simple make-out session into beautifully effective foreplay.

They found your spot. Such a powerful spot makes it valuable information. It's meant to be used. Exploit.

Last week, someone undressed you. At one point, they might have touched you somewhere that intensified your arousal exponentially. And they didn't expect to-at least not there.

These spots are more responsive, sensitive and downright debilitating to your self-control because they have a higher density of nerve endings than other parts. An at-home trick to find sensitive places: Take a bobby pin-if you don't know what that is, go back under your rock-and starting with the tips about 2 millimeters apart, drag them gently across your skin. Repeat it, and each time, spread them farther apart until you get to about 7 or 8 centimeters.

When you feel the sensation of two pins instead of one, you've found an area with more nerve endings, meaning more sensitivity. The closer they are together, the higher the sensitivity. There are averages of distances, but this is sex so screw "average." You can even make this a two-person activity when you take a break from your history reading.

But it's not just about finding the spot-be sure to treat it well, too.

I hate to generalize, but some spots are more common than others. Try the breasts and nipples, which tend to be popular targets for both sexes. We know that nipples like being licked, bitten, sucked, pinched, clamped or pulled. And we know this should be drawn out, slowly. You can gently introduce a light sensation with your tongue, treat them to some cool air, warm them up again and maybe suck a little bit.

I was told point-blank once that nipples must be sucked or there is no sex. Still, a lot of it is personal preference, so, as usual, pay attention to responses. Some hate it when their nipples are touched-a friend of mine simply dismisses men who go straight to her breasts-so try another spot.

Feet also work, especially toes. One girl mentioned in passing to me that getting her toes sucked rocks her world. Can she orgasm from it? "Hell yes, I can." So, consider it. It's easy to figure out pretty early whether someone wants their toes touched because they can just as easily kick you in the face if they don't.

Toe hang-up? Try the area around the ankle bone, or the hollow behind their knees. You're down there already so give it a try.

The base of the spine, just above your butt, often loves being softly massaged. Or you can trace the insides of their wrists, and on your way to their neck-where you know you'll earn valuable points, especially toward the bottom-test the delicate inside of the elbow.

You probably know that attention to ears can cause goose bumps and on some, full erections. So pay attention. Trace the edges with your tongue and let your breath serve to chill the skin.

An obvious spot not to forget: the inner thighs. Simple common sense, of course.

Find something? Either way, you know you love searching. And it can take a while, so I advise you to start now.


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