Endorsements: Berkeley City and Alameda County Measures

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Measure P: Yes

If Measure P passes, Berkeley will issue $5.2 million in bonds to upgrade and expand city libraries, only if it attains matching funds to cover 65 percent of the cost of improvements. Libraries are great. Matching funds for some of the state's most used libraries are even better.

Measure Q: Yes

Measure Q seeks to upscale fire safety by funding the Mobile Fire Protection System with $9 million in bonds and levying a small property tax. With fires claiming the lives of a UC Berkeley student and her parents in August, the city has suffered a rude awakening. When lives are at stake, fire saftey can neither go too far nor be over-funded.

Measure R: Yes

How could anyone in the city of Berkeley oppose the $3.25 million bond venture to upgrade Berkeley High School's warm water pool facilities, used by high school students, seniors and disabled children alike? If approved, Measure R will repair, renovate and improve the pool facilities for even greater community use.

Measure S: Yes

Measure S will beautify Berkeley one park at a time by increasing the park maintanence landscaping tax by four-fifths of a cent per square foot. At an average tax increase of $15 per household per year, this tax increase is a small price to pay for pristine parks.

Measure T: Yes

Berkeley has been in the dark for long enough. If approved, Measure T will install a small property improvement tax to provide supplemental funding for street light maintenance and installation.

Measure U: Yes

The Daily Californian is appalled that the city of Berkeley allowed a 1991 error to drive business license taxes below pre-1900 rates. Voters are urged to correct this grave wrongdoing that has allowed providers of health, veterinary, legal and other services to slide by for nine years without paying their dues to the community that feeds their businesses. Approval of Measure U returns the business license tax for these services back to the pre-1900 rate of $3.60 per $1,000 gross services tendered.

Measures V, W, X: Yes

Measures V, W and X will reauthorize the city to spend taxes allocated for library, parks maintenance and emergency medical services, respectively.

Measure Z: Yes

School District

Measure AA: Yes

Berkeley Unified School District Measure AA proposes a $116.5 million bond issue to decrease overcrowding in Berkeley schools by repairing and adding new classrooms.

Measure BB: Yes

If only one of the two Berkeley Unified School District measures pass, Measure BB should be the one. Measure BB seeks to maintain schools with a steady fund of money appropriated by a special 12-year property tax levy.


Measure A: Abstain

Due to a bizarre interpretation of state law, all of Alameda County is voting on a tax extension that only affects 10 percent of voters. Measure A, which proposes the extension of a utilities tax to fund county services, only applies to unincorporated areas of Alameda County including Ashland, Castro Valley, Cherryland, Fairview, San Lorenzo and Sunol. As this measure has nothing to do with Berkeley and the other 90 percent of the county, people unaffected by the tax should not vote.

Measure B: Yes

Although built on lofty goals, the premise behind Measure B's 20-year plan for inproving transportation is a good one. The plan seeks to expand BART and AC Transit lines, while carrying out road improvements. In addition, the plan would extend special transit for the disabled and improve pedestrian and bike safety.

Approval of this measure will authorize a half-cent tax on transportation sales - a small amount of money to make almost everybody happy.

Measure C: No

Measure D: Yes

Measures C and D raise the question of what to do about urban

growth in the county, although what the question is exactly is very hard to

decipher and even harder to comprehend. We are voting for

open space and urban development within already urban areas, to keep the

Bay Area from freakishly morphing Southern California.

Measure C seeks to differentiate between lands suitable for urban

growth and agricultural lands. In polar opposition, Measure D seeks to

reserve less land for urban growth and concentrate new housing in existing


Measure D seeks to protect vanishing open spaces, watersheds and

wildlife habitats from urban development before it is too late. If approved

the measure will cancel a 12,500-unit development plan in North Livermore

and restrict building on scenic hillsides and ridges, but most importantly

the measure would prevent the sprawl phenomenon that plagues cities with

large tracts of land covered in one-story houses and strip malls.

Measure D is backed by the Sierra Club, the Audobon Society and

Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown.

Measure E: Yes

The Peralta Community College District is in dire need of the $153.2 million in bonds that will be issued if Measure E passes. The district will use the money to repair, rennovate and build classrooms as well as repair facilities.

As the money will mostly go toward funding the Vista campus, passage of this measure will provide a valuable asset to students in Berkeley. Even the Alameda County Taxpayer Associtation supports this measure to fix up Peralta's dillapidated facilities.


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