Letters to the Editor: Abortion Protest Should Be Heard, Not Seen

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In spite of my disappointment regarding the anti-abortion demonstration, I am pleased that The Daily Californian decided to devote a cover story to such an important issue ("Graphic Abortion Display Incites Debate," Oct. 20).

I was highly offended by the graphic depictions Teens for Life, and Survivors chose to display on Thursday, and further disturbed by the responses of people claiming that these photos are a "sad reality" and that "the truth hurts."

In fact, the California Health and Safety Code states that "in no event shall the termination be approved after the 20th week of pregnancy." Third tri-mester abortions are neither the truth, nor a reality of any kind in California. As both groups conducting the demonstration are California-based, I find it offensive and inappropriate that they strongly misrepresented the reality of abortion.

I would also like to further remind UC Berkeley students and community members how imperative it is to vote in this upcoming election. Women of my generation have taken for granted having abortion as a legal option; this choice is on the brink of being taken away. If you are against abortion, by all means, don't have one, but please preserve this choice for our friends, our sisters, our girlfriends and ourselves. Unwanted pregnancies are a reality in our world; unwanted children don't have to be.

Diana Salerno

UC Berkeley student

Conservatives Do Not Deserve Labels

I am a current fourth year student and a member of the Berkeley College Republicans. I am not a Republican, nor am I a Democrat. I joined the Berkeley College Republicans because I agree with a majority of their issues, including their support of the death penalty. I am not a racist nor do I have any hatred toward anybody.

Recently, an article was published in The Daily Californian ("Conservatives Practice Hypo-crisy," Oct. 19), which cited all conservatives as bigots. But at no time, while attending Berkeley College Republican meetings have I heard any hatred toward anyone at anytime.

The free-Mumia group is constantly labeling people as racist merely because others may disagree with them. Their utter hatred and disrespect for others has gone out of control during recent times and will only cause them to dig deeper into their own graves. I feel sorry for them, and hope they one day find happiness in life, if that is possible at all.

Stefan Shakiba

UC Berkeley student

Columnist's View Is Unnerving

That a Jew could take such a blatantly pro-Palestinian position is chilling testimony to the power of the leftist propaganda that too often substitutes for instuction at UC Berkeley ("Holy Shit!" Oct. 18).

The suffering of the Palestinians is small potatoes compared to that of the Jews, not only in World War II (an unparalleled tragedy), but throughout history. "Historical" arguments are meaningless in the real world: would columnist Rebecca Kahlenberg seriously propose "repatriating" every person forcibly displaced from a "homeland?" The project would dwarf anything even dreamed of by the Nazis!

By any standard, the political "philosophy" and tactics of the Palestinians are execrable -which may well explain why none of their Muslim "brethren" are willing to take them in. (The fact is, the Palestinians are willing - and witless - pawns in the Middle East oil games.) And no one should doubt that the creation of a "Palestinian state" would lead merely to intensified Palestinian efforts to "drive the Israelis into the sea": unlike "blood," "compromise" is clearly not in their vocabulary. While Israel - like any state - has its faults, defending its turf and its citizens from bloodthirsty mobs is scarcely one of them.

Richard Ogar

UC Berkeley employee

Column's Lack Of Bias Is Much Called For

The column by Rebecca Kahlenberg ("Holy Shit!" Oct. 18) is one of the few intelligent, honest, and just reflections on the recent Israeli-Palestinian violence and indeed on the roots of the whole conflict that have appeared in The Daily Californian - or even any periodical recently. In accessible style and witty prose, Kahlenberg hits almost every issue right on the head.

As a Palestinian who has lived much of his life in the United States, I can tell you it is extremely refreshing (and rare) to see someone cut through the racist, despicable blindly pro-Israel spin that is almost unwaveringly a characteristic of American discussion on the topic. The fact that an American Jew writes this is even more rewarding; it is a credit to the apparent minority of Americans who are not ignorant (and therefore dangerous) and Jews who are not blinded by Zionist zeal (and therefore deadly).

Jawad Salah

UC Berkeley student


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