Saucy Cyber Sex Simulates Stimulation

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Cyber sex - is it the best way to have sex, or is it the best way to not really have sex but still have sex?

I know, I know - it all sounds very confusing, but for those of you who can get off looking at some green avatar with three horns and a set of feathered wings or talking for hours on your own blog about your favorite sex toys, I salute you. I don't know how you do it. Either my imagination sucks when it comes to role-playing, or you boys and girls have too much time on your hands.

It is clear that role-playing games attract people with intense imaginations and the ability to create a completely alternate reality - dare I say fantasy - over a very long period of time. And even online, there is nothing solitary about an RPG. To ensure that your fantasy is complete, you must interact with others in a shared- mind adventure.

If you can do all that, you can probably cyber sex-it-up with the best.

But let me warn you, even if you join in on a game for the sole purpose of cyber sex, you cannot sustain yourself in the game world long enough to find the good stuff. It doesn't work like that, and I am sorry for those of you who thought this was going to be easy. But in truth, good cyber sex, like good old-fashioned sex, arises out of a relationship.

Such cyber relationships might develop over hours or weeks - which, truth be told, is a long time in cyberspace. They can even develop within minutes if you are a real chat-room Casanova.

But like any relationship, you must nurture it and allow it to develop before the cyber sex will be any good. You need to get a sense for one another's timing, the type and style of banter that gets the most response, and, as in any gaming world, the kinds of fantasy that turn both of you on.

While some games have sexuality as a main theme, most expect you to be able to forge relationships, explore the game world, set up businesses, farms, armies and what have you. In more mainstream gaming, cyber sex can be the inevitable result of those late-night flirty chats with other players.

But now that everyone is online, it seems like it is going to take more than chit-chat and common interests to get aroused. Sex is nearly a universal interest, so signing into adult chat rooms doesn't necessarily mean you'll find anyone. However, creating a character and going on "adventures" in a Tolkien-esque digital realm given life by imaginations of hundreds of players is a whole new game - literally.

For those of you who avoid green people and magical faeries like the plague, the blog could be the modern hub for like-minded individuals to seek each other out, especially for those who like a good story.

As in games, cyber sex results from forged relationships, but even then cyber sex is more about jointly creating an erotic experience than it is about masturbation. For those who lack the time or the interest to live in RPGs, chat rooms and message boards can be the end-all be-all.

So, be it chat rooms in the deep recesses of the gaming world or on your very own Tumblr, cyber sex has revolutionized the way we "connect" with people and the way we "have" sex - or don't - depending on how you like it.


Set up a role-play with Katie Nelson at [email protected]

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