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On Friday Nov. 19, The Daily Californian published an op-ed with the title "War With Iran: New Excuse, Same Conclusion." While on the surface, the article tries to analyze a very complex political situation, the language is filled with hateful anti-Semitic rhetoric. Politically controversial opinions should always be encouraged, however this type of article is derogatory and contributes to recent anti-Semitic events we have seen on campus.

Soldad, the author of the article, claims that "Despite the fog with which these figures disguise themselves, Neoconservatism consists of a group of largely Jewish members," which has "succeeded inů seducing Bush and Cheney into invading Iraq using the Sept. 11 attacks as a pretext." Now, these Jews "aligned with Israel" with a "lust for domination" are behind a scheme involving "subversion of the Republican party" and "baiting American leadership" into going to war for "economic improvement."

This type of language draws directly from classic anti-Semitism, tapping into the themes of subversion, dual loyalty and control of the economy. It is not only offensive and discriminatory, but absurd to blame the Jewish population for recent wars and manipulation of the economy.

We do not believe that these views in any way reflect the viewpoints of the editors of The Daily Californian, or that editors of The Daily Californian are in any way anti-Semitic. However, this article crosses the line of acceptable journalistic opinions by being inherently anti-Semitic in nature.

An article this offensive should have been screened and never allowed into print. The author of this article, possibly not a Cal Student, has a history of anti-Semitic and Jewish conspiracy writings. In one of his recent articles, Soldad claims that Hitler caused the Holocaust to benefit Zionist interests (http://sundial.csun.edu/2010/09/hitler%E2%80%99s-jewish-problem/).

If any research was done on the author or language, it would be apparent that the claims of this Daily Cal article are not only extremely hurtful and discriminatory against Jews, but severely disrupt the ability of our community to work with other campus groups to create a positive campus climate.

We are very concerned and distraught that this anti-Semitism could be published as a legitimate op-ed in a first-class university newspaper. We hope that the editors of The Daily Cal will be more careful and considerate when reviewing future op-eds.

This op-ed was submitted on behalf of the Jewish Student Union Board.

Jonathan Lavian is president of the Jewish Student Union. Reply to [email protected]

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