'Iran' Op-Ed Fails Under Scrutiny

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In his op-ed of Nov. 19 concerning possible war with Iran, Matthew Soldad revisited the toxic old theory of Jewish conspiracy. I'll examine this ancient anti-Semitic screed later, but first let's examine some of Soldad's allegations.

Of course the Israelis are concerned about Iran's clear-cut desire to develop nuclear weaponry, as well they should be, along with the rest of the world.

Iran's leader Amadinejad has stated time and again that Iran will destroy Israel. And now he, and the Islamic theocracy which he serves, are developing the capacity to do just that.

But even if one doesn't care about Israel, the fallout from the use of a nuclear weapon by Iran will: 1) Spread nuclear fall-out and environmental desecration throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East. 2) Spur Sunni nations, such as Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Egypt into a race to develop nuclear weapons of their own as the Sunnis have little love and great fear of Shiite Iran. 3) Given their proximity, completely obliterate the Palestinians.

Not just conservatives in the U.S. are aware of the above implications. Numerous Democrats are also steadfast in desiring to short-circuit Iran's nuclear weaponry ambitions before they become a deadly reality. Obama first believed that he could talk to the fanatics who run Iran. That failed.

And now sanctions are also failing because the Iranian theocracy doesn't really care if its people suffer economic hardship; their desire to become a nuclear power far supersedes their desire for the well-being of the Iranian people.

But rest assured that even if Obama continues to sit on his hands (and he has given considerable indication that he will ultimately do what is necessary), the Israelis will not simply sit by and permit the equivalent of another Holocaust.

Consider this: what would you do if a powerful enemy pledged to annihilate you and then developed the means to do so? Would you simply sleep quietly and commit tacit suicide or would you summon every means at your command to make certain that your people were safeguarded from nuclear destruction?

Remember, this situation is not exactly new to Jews. When he wrote "Mein Kampf," Hitler promised he would annihilate the Jews and when he came to power, he did just that. One might say that the Israelis are hardly oblivious to their own history.

Again, it is important to note that Mr. Soldad's contention is false: it is not simply American conservatives who believe that Iran must be stopped before they finish developing and using nuclear weaponry.

Numerous Democrats, among them liberals, feel the same way. They all realize that it's not only Israel which is at risk: it is the entire region, the health of the planet and the Palestinian people as well.

In sum, although the vast majority of Jews are Democrats who overwhelmingly supported Obama, Matthew Soldad has disturbingly revived the old conspiratorial anti-Semitic canard that it is the Jews who will wreak havoc upon one's own country, including leading them into war.

Yes, there are a few Jewish neoconservatives, but the overwhelming majority of U.S. neoconservatives are gentiles. Moreover, there is not a single Jewish neocon in Congress.

Correspondingly, I'm surprised that Mr. Soldad didn't reduce himself to quoting from farcical, yet toxic tome "The Protocol of the Elders of Zion," as so many in the Arab world do.Unfortunately what Soldad has done in this op-ed is analogous.


Dan Spitzer is a former professor of journalism. Reply to [email protected]

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