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From the mailbag I wish I had:

Dear Joshie: I know it's early, but I'm already thinking about the governor's race for next year. Who should I vote for? I think Gavin Newsom is sexy, something about the hair gel and his hot actress wife.

- Contemplating on Sproul

Dear Contemplating: Believe it or not, there's a whole gaggle of candidates already raising money for November 2010. If you're a Democrat you get to choose between two admitted adulterers (Newsom in the North, Villaraigosa of the Southland) and the guy who allowed Prop. 13-perhaps the most damaging initiative in the state's history-to pass under his watch as governor in 1978. If you were alive then, you called him Governor Moonbeam, aka current Attorney General Jerry Brown. If you're a Republican you get to choose between three millionaires, one who steered eBay and believes that being a CEO of a company is the same as being CEO of a state, and another tech-executive who paid his own way to Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner. The third, Tom Campbell, was dean at Haas Business School, so give him the nod out of sheer favoritism.

Dear Joshie: I don't get this special election I'm supposed to vote in next month. Why do I have to sign off on what legislators already passed? Why should I care?

- Fed up in the Bear's Lair

Dear Fed Up:

You should care because the outcome of May 19 actually may impact dollars you get in financial aid and the UC budget as a whole. But there's no doubt that micromanaging legislators' deals is annoying. Think of it like this: Times are tight and the credit card bill is at $43 billion and growing (damn that interest). You keep some cash in your favorite Pokemon lunchbox from grade school (it's a collector's item, totally nothing weird about that), but you have to dip into that cash to bridge the gap. Problem is, that cash was meant for the mentally ill, education and kids. We're stealing from ourselves ... and if the six initiatives fail, we'll have to steal more.

Dear Joshie: I'm gay, and I'm a Republican Catholic. I know lots of them, and not the creepy kind who tap feet in bathroom stalls. Why can't I be all the things I want to be? I'm also socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

- Log Cabin Guy

Dear Log Cabin Guy: There's nothing wrong with that at all. I think everyone's entitled to claim whatever labels they want, no matter how facile and contradictory. Why should you give up your membership in a church just because it condemns your lifestyle as a sin and uses all of its considerable resources to take rights away from you in the political and social spheres? That's just one small thing it does, it's easily overlooked. And why should you have to leave a party just because its leadership says hateful things about you and wants to write discrimination into the Constitution barring you from a happy marriage? Think of all the great things it's done in the past-you know, like loosening regulation on the finance industry so it can trade in its own mother for a buck until we all fall into the abyss. Stick to your labels, Log Cabin Guy, no matter how wrong.

Dear Joshie: God am I sick of all the PC faculty around here. It's like they're afraid to say anything that may depart from the flaming liberal agenda, and the students all eat it up. Can't we have affirmative action for Republicans at Berkeley?

- Frustrated in History Class

Dear Frustrated: Sorry, but Prop. 209 keeps us from discriminating in favor of conservatives. I don't envy you having to walk around campus with a liberal mask on. It's Halloween every day here for the true conservatives. But just consider, for a moment, that your conspiracy theory is wrong. Maybe, if you actually polled professors here, their views would line up with other people, of their same income bracket and education level, that live around here. And the same would apply if you polled them at UC Merced, or UCLA. Another theory: those professions that are always in the crosshairs of conservatives for being slanted liberal-journalists and academics, for example-are those that get paid the least and know the most. Would you rather we select those who get paid the most and know the least to teach you?


Let Josh solve all your political dilemmas at [email protected]

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