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University Misguided in Possible Disciplinary Action

I think the idea of providing disciplinary action against students for the post game activities is ludicrous ("Post-Big Game Activities May Incur Disciplinary Action," Nov. 26). No one was hurt, there was no civil disobedience and the cost of any physical damage to property was just a drop in the bucket to the loss of revenue from the football program as a result of repeated "bonehead" football coach hiring decisions made over the past 10 years.

If the university is going to hold folks accountable, it better start with its own administration.

It was refreshing to see some good old college spirit in Berkeley. Go Bears!

John Greenhut

UC Berkeley alumnus

The fact is that whether the university liked it or not, the goal posts at Memorial Stadium were going down on Saturday, Nov. 23. I'm not quite sure what the university is trying to prove by making an example of ASUC Senator Tasvir Patel, but frankly, if it weren't Patel on that post, it would have been me, or one of the many thousands of students that were on the field ("Post-Big Game Activities May Incur Disciplinary Action," Nov. 26).

What truly bothers me about the situation, though, is that instead of making sure no one got hurt when the posts came down, security made things more dangerous by trying to beat up students. What should be illegal? Students celebrating or police brandishing weapons at a NCAA game? Honestly, are the goal posts really worth hiring extra personnel to push away a mob that has a right of tradition to do what they did?

And as far as Patel goes, why doesn't The Daily Californian publish something about the many things he has accomplished for this university rather than making him out to be a subversive element in our student body? ASUC Senator Paul LaFata is absolutely wrong in using this media coverage, and if he had an ounce of pride in his school he would of been on that field as well. I encourage everyone who was on the field to write to the Daily Cal and UC Berkeley Dean Karen Kenney, telling them that you were on the field too and you're proud to be a loyal Cal football fan.

Wes Meilandt

UC Berkeley student

I am dismayed that the administration is considering disciplinary action against students who enjoyed Cal's victory over Stanford ("Post-Big Game Activities May Incur Disciplinary Action," Nov. 26).

Cal's win is a big deal for me, a big deal for the old blues I know and something we share with our younger brothers and sisters. I went to UC Berkeley in the late 1960s and the university then was decrying the lack of enthusiasm for traditional campus values.

I say leave them (and us) alone.

Bruce Peaslee

UC Berkeley alumnus

Law School Dean's Resignation a Great Loss

As a recent Boalt Hall School of law alumna, I am saddened to learn of Dean John Dwyer's resignation, but also angered at his portrayal in the media ("Boalt Dean Quits Under Sexual Misconduct Cloud," Dec. 2).

As I received a joint degree, I was at Boalt Hall for four years and thus knew Dwyer very well. Though some students were concerned that he would not show a commitment to diversity, Dwyer absolutely put those fears to rest. He doubled the number of non-white students at Boalt each year he was dean.

On a more personal note, Dwyer was a wonderful teacher and mentor to me as I pursued a non-traditional, public interest legal career. By his own example as well as his encouragement, he has pushed many young lawyers to be honest, hard-working professionals with integrity.

It will be a tragedy if Dwyer's stellar commitment to Boalt Hall is eclipsed by his resignation.

Kate Gordon

Boalt Hall School of Law alumna

Turn in Katz's Campaign Strategy Disappointing

I was disappointed to read of Andy Katz's desperate attempt to avoid a runoff defeat by slinging mud at Gordon Wozniak. The Katz campaign had stayed fairly positive throughout the fall, in stark contrast to his so-called "progressive" colleagues. After watching Micki Weinberg get savaged by Kris Worthington's campaign (and then having to listen to Worthington complain about how he had been treated), I had hoped Katz would not stoop to that level.

All this mud will make Mayor Tom Bates' promise of being able to work with both sides of Berkeley's partisan politics even harder to fulfill. Fortunately, I am confident that if Wozniak is elected he will work closely with Bates and the entire city council to get things done.

Gregory S. Murphy

Berkeley resident

Zionism Ignores Plight of Palestinian People

Gee! Devora Liss' pen has been busy in The Daily Californian lately. Two letters in less than a month! In her Nov. 15 letter, she chides students for daring to exercise their right to free speech to protest Ehud Barak's visit ("Protesters Must Re-Evaluate Motivation," Nov. 15).

Those who remember her inflammatory Oct. 18 letter won't be surprised ("Protester Misidentifies Reasons for University Action"). There she attacked another protester, Students for Justice in Palestine student Roberto Hernandez-based on her deceptively euphemistic definition of Zionism. She claimed that Zionism is simply: "the belief Jews are entitled to self-determination in their ancient homeland, Israel."

What Liss didn't mention is that to Zionists, this "self-determination" means pursuing an exclusively (or exclusionary) Jewish state. This is a state where the non-Jewish indigenous people (Muslims, Christians and others) are reduced to worse than second-class citizens, forced into apartheid-style lands or expelled. Also, Liss' once "ancient" Jewish presence justification is an argument that is literally worse than medieval!

To suggest that protesters who oppose that semi-racial ideology are anti-Semitic is an old, standard smear tactic. This falsely equates Judaism with Zionism-an ideology rejected by many Jews.

Liss, like other pro-Israel letter writers on that same day, seemed to take the mentality that Dennis Ross took in his Daily Cal interview on Oct. 17 ("Former U.S. Diplomat Calls Saddam Hussein a 'Threat'"). According to Ross, a Zionist, heavily U.S.-funded Israel is just "more reliable." With that mentality, it's easy to dismiss the displacement and human rights of the Palestinians.

Fortunately, there are many multicultural students and others, Jewish and non-Jewish, like Hernandez, courageously willing to speak out for the Palestinian people and for university divestment from Israel. I hope they were all out protesting Ehud Barak's visit and other Israeli officials despite the smear tactics of people like Liss.

Joseph Anderson

Berkeley resident


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