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Coverage of Proposition 49 Draws Mixed Reactions

It was disappointing to see The Daily Californian offer several insubstantial and fawning articles for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Proposition 49 after his recent visit to Berkeley ("Schwarzenegger Pumps Up Proposition 49," Oct. 31).

The paper did not cover the opposition of this dangerous initiative nor even ask Schwarzenegger hard questions about the fiscal impact of Proposition 49 to existing programs serving California's children. At least part of that bill is likely to be paid by cutting other children's programs like foster care, adoption services, health care or child welfare services.

That's why advocates for children like the American Association of University Women and the California chapter of the National Organization of Women oppose Proposition 49.

One of the sponsors of Proposition 49 has recently admitted that the initiative doesn't protect California's education spending guarantee. Proposition 49 will take effect in the midst of California's budget crisis and its mandated spending will likely require cuts to other programs.

That's why legislators like Assemblymember Dion Aroner, state Senator Jackie Speier and state Assembly Speaker Pro-Tempore Fred Keeley all oppose Proposition 49.

If the Daily Cal's readers depended only on its skewed coverage of the issue, they would not know that the Sonoma County, the San Mateo and San Francisco Green Parties all oppose Proposition 49. In the future, perhaps the Daily Cal should concentrate on the accurate reporting of both sides of an issue and leave their autograph books at home.

Eric Wooten

Advocacy Aid

California League of Women Voters

I am disgusted by a statement made by Wendy Lee in "Reporter's Notebook: Lucky Daily Cal Reporter Meets 'The Terminator.'" (Oct. 31) She wrote, "I was surprised at Schwarzenegger's lack of a strong accent when he introduced himself. The actor spoke in nearly perfect English throughout the whole interview."

Lee as an Asian American should not be "surprised" that another ethnic individual is capable of speaking "nearly perfect English," despite what he sounds like on the silver screen.

She is not only making an assumption that the portrayal of people on television parallels reality (as unimaginable as it seems), but also that all people of ethnicity are incapable of speaking perfect English.

It was an ignorant remark.

Jenn Ma

UC Berkeley student

In this important election Californians have the opportunity to do something that is good for kids, something that raises test scores, reduces crime and saves taxpayers money.

Proposition 49, the After School Education and Safety Act, would take millions of kids off the streets during after school hours and give them much needed supervision and educational support by providing quality after school programs.

Research has shown that after school programs increase student achievement, lower dropout rates and improve student attendance. In addition, Proposition 49 is funded from increases in state revenues, so it will not raise taxes or cut funding for other important education programs.

Let's do the right thing for California's children. Please join teachers, law enforcement groups, business organizations, taxpayer associations and thousands of individuals in supporting Proposition 49 on Nov. 5.

Wayne Johnson

California Teachers Association president

Endorsement Assumes Only One Qualified Student

I am surprised and dissappointed in the Daily Cal's endorsement of Andy Katz-not in the fact that you endorsed him, but that you characterized his efforts as being "the only candidate fit for the task" of representing both students and homeowners ("Katz's Victory Would Benefit Both Students and Residents," Oct 29).

This clearly implies that you do not think Micki Weinberg has both student and resident support in District 7-nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Weinberg clearly enjoys a balanced support of both students and neighbors due to the highly negative ratings of Kriss Worthington. It is Weinberg, not Katz who can best support a mixed district of students and residents, and it is District 7 that is the majority student district.

That's where student representation can have a chance to break through the log jam of vested political interests and where students and neighbors can join to deal with the issues facing all of us.

Gregory S. Murphy

Berkeley resident

Mayor Must Be Re-Elected To Maintain Balance

Berkeley's politics consists of two dominant factions, the progressives and the moderates. Over the past eight years there has been somewhat of a balance with the former having a City Council majority of five votes and the moderates four votes, including the mayor.

Should Mayor Shirley Dean not be re-elected, this balance would vanish.

Each party is representative of the citizens of Berkeley and each has a general platform and agenda. Ideally, decision-making should be a compromise with each faction receiving at least part of the political pie. For the welfare of the city, balance is absolutely necessary.

Should Shirley Dean not continue as mayor, the progressives would overwhelmingly dominate the City Council. This must not happen.

Sig Cohn

Berkeley resident

Tien's Presence Will Be Missed

Chancellor Tien was an unstoppable force in advocating for a better UC Berkeley. His hopes, ideals and actions touched the lives of every student who attended UC Berkeley during his tenure as chancellor and long after.

A true friend of the students, Chancellor Tien was a forceful fighter for a truly open and welcoming campus for students of all backgrounds. His departure leaves a bitter void in the hearts and souls of grieving students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Alex Kipnis

UC Berkeley alumnus

Sex Column Inappropriate For Student Newspaper

I am no prude, but I think The Daily Californian's Sex on Tuesday column is offensive in the extreme. It cynically assumes that we in society welcome sexual advice on from a student newspaper.

Such a frank and flippant discussion is appropriate for books that consumers can seek out, but not for a student newspaper. This is yet another example of the debasement of daily life in our society.

Whose brilliant idea was this?

Richard Stanaro

UC Berkeley alumnus


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