Publication Calendar

  • 2010-2011 Publication Calendar
    Updated 2/16/2011:  Added dates for 'Best of Berkeley' and 'CalDay.' 
    NOTE, our calendar indicates we are publishing May 30th, but, in fact, we will publish Tuesday, May 31st, 2011.

Important Dates

  • Daily Cal Special Issues
    TRAVEL - Preparing for Spring Break - Feb 24, 2011
    BEST OF BERKELEY / CALDAY-  April 14, 16, 2011
    Graduation Issue
    - May 12, 2011

    Reserve space in these highly-read special sections by contacting our Advertising Department, 510-548-8300.  Reserve at least 3 business days before publication.  

Advertising Media Kits

  • 2010-2011 Daily Californian Media Kit
    PDF of our Media Kit, which includes our advertising rates, specifications and publication calendar for national advertisers and agencies.
    Effective August 2007.  (Updated March 30, 2010)
  • Placard Rates (PDF)
  • Online Advertising Rates
    The Daily Californian will launch a new website in the end of March, we are not taking reservations at this time, but please contact a representative for information on future placement on our new website.


How to Place an Ad

1.) Contact your account representative. Please feel free to use us as a resource to discuss the best advertising approach for your business. As an independent, non-profit, student-run press, your success is our success!

2.) Decide on what size ad you would like to run and what date you would like it to appear. See our Media Kit for ad rates and specifications.

3.) Submit space reservation* information to your account representative. Must include:

- Advertiser Name and Agency Name
- Tagline
- Ad Size (columns wide x inches deep)
- Insertion Date(s)
- Contact Name
- Contact Phone Number
- Contact Email
- PO Number (if applicable)

New Accounts please also submit billing information in addition to the above including:
- Billing contact: name, phone, and email
- Billing Address
- Fax Number

4.) Submit artwork* electronically to [email protected] or by mail to

        The Daily Californian
        Attn: Ad Services
        P.O. Box 1949
        Berkeley, CA 94702

Allow 10 business days if sending ad materials by mail.

If the material is a replacement for previously sent material, please mark it as "replacement"

5.) Inserts must be received 3 weeks prior to publication date. All inserts must be pre-approved by an account executive before any materials are shipped. One copy of your insert needs to be reviewed by your account executive prior to shipment of inserts to our printer. Please ship pre-approved preprinted inserts no sooner than 10 business days and no later than 5 business days prior to publication to:

Inserts shipments must be identified to match the insertion order.

        FP Press
        Attn: The Daily Californian (date of insert)
        33250 Transit Ave
        Union City, CA 94587

*Deadline for space reservation and ad copy is 3 business days prior to publication by 3pm.


Market Information

Established in 1871 and independent since 1971, The Daily Californian is the oldest daily newspaper in Berkeley, a community of young, well educated people with high incomes. According to the June 22, 2006 issue of Editor & Publisher, although young people (18-24) shy away from reading (mainstream) newspapers, a new study conducted by Y2M indicates that 77% of undergraduates read the print edition of campus papers at least once a month and 57% read it online. Showcase your business out in the #1 public university with The Daily Californian.

  • Circulation: 10,000.
  • Readers: 42,000.
  • Population of Berkeley: 101,517.
  • Average household income: $68,437.
  • Student population of UC Berkeley: 33,558.
  • UC Berkeley employees: 21,025.
  • 58.6% of Berkeley's residents are between 18-24.
  • 68.9% of Berkeley residents 25+ have a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • 72.5% of UCB students live in Berkeley.
  • 75.8% of UCB students live in non-campus residences.
  • 47.2% of UCB students own a motor vehicle.
  • 79% of motor vehicle owners use it for shopping or recreation.
  • 63.6% walk or bike to campus.
  • 56% of UCB transfer students at 51% of UCB students who enter as freshman are employed full-time after graduation.
  • 48.9% of UCB students plan to enroll in graduate orprofessional school.

Statistical information from the UCB Student Research center's Student Housing and Transportation Survey, Fall 2005 and the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce.



If your business or organization does not pertain to one of these categories, please contact our General Manager, Diane Rames, at (510) 548-8300 or [email protected].
General Manager
Diane Rames
(510) 548-8300 x210

Online Advertising
May be scheduled through your
Daily Cal Advertising Executive.

Legals Advertisements
Read more about Daily Californian legals.
[email protected]

Display Advertising

Downtown Berkeley
Melanie Hess
[email protected]
(510) 548-8300 Ext: 220

Daisuke Kojitani
[email protected]
(510) 548-8300 ext. 219

South Side
Lila Suleiman
[email protected]
(510) 548-8300 Ext: 215

Annie Hostetler
[email protected]
(510) 548-8300 Ext. 221

Albany/El Cerrito/ Solano /West Berkeley
Jack Lescroart
[email protected]
(510) 280-2452

University of California
Connie Doan
[email protected]
510-548-8300 Ext. 217

Outside Berkeley
Jack Lescroart
[email protected]
(510) 280-2452
Annie Hostetler
(510) 548-8300 Ext. 221
Jack Lescroart
[email protected]
(510) 280-2452

4th Street/ Arts/ Gilman/Northside
Connie Doan
[email protected]
(510) 548-8300 Ext. 217

College / Claremont
& Education

Esti Castro
[email protected]
(510) 548-8300 Ext. 219
National Agencies
(Rep Firms)
Diane Rames, General Manager
(510) 548-8300 x210
[email protected]

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