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Man found alive after driving off Grizzly Peak

By J.D. Morris
Daily Cal Staff Writer
Friday, April 29, 2011
Category: News > City > Crime

A man who crashed his car after driving off Grizzly Peak was rescued this morning by multiple local agencies after remaining undiscovered for about three days.

Tom Klatt, environmental projects manager at UC Berkeley who was at the scene, said the man was taken to Highland Hospital this afternoon after being discovered this morning by the East Bay Regional Park District about 200 feet below the road on campus property.

"It was extremely steep, heavily covered in poison oak and lush and difficult to see," Klatt said of the area where the car was found.

According to Klatt, members of UCPD, the Oakland Police and Fire Departments as well as the East Bay Regional Park District's Police and Fire Departments contributed to the rescue.

Klatt said the area is prone to vehicle accidents.

"It's not an unusual occurrence," he said. "It probably happens several times a year in my experience."

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