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No one needs to know where Emily Chung does it, but find out her steamy sex secrets next week. If you're having a hard time getting it down, e-mail her at [email protected]

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Sometimes, after a good lay, you just want to go running down the street and yell, "Woohoo! I just had the greatest sex ever!" You want the whole world to be jealous about your recent frolic in the sack. But what if you didn't have to tell people and instead just showed them? Ah, the thrills and benefits of having sex in a public place.

And often it is the thrill of sex in public that lures many partners to take that risk of getting caught. The heavy anticipation, rapid heartbeat, and the feeling of nervous tension you get from public sex just add to the intense feelings of love-making and sex. I think it heightens the emotions and sensations for partners. Others incorporate sex in public to spice up their sex lives. But it shouldn't be looked at as a way to relieve boredom in a relationship because that is more of an issue with the relationship itself.

Exhibitionism can actually detract from the pleasure of sex itself. Due to the lack of time in some situations, such as in elevators, you may start up there but will have to finish somewhere else. Once again, it can be for just the thrills but with the caveat that you can get caught.

For easy access and quick cover-up, women can wear a long loose skirt or dress with or without underwear. If someone walks in on you, it's simple to just pull your skirt down and none will be the wiser. Men can wear boxers, or go commando and sport a loose pair of pants with a zipper-fly, or even better, pajama pants with no zippers or buttons. Just don't get the family jewels stuck anywhere or else you might find yourself a bleeder.

A popular fantasy many have is having sex on a sandy beach. One would think it is romantic, sexy and daring all at once. Unfortunately, it can be a bit uncomfortable. Sand can easily get caught in the vagina or anus and may make for a rough time. Lie on a couple blankets and bring lots of water-based lubricant to ease those worries.

Jacuzzis, saunas, pools and even showers also make for fun water sports in public. Watch out for shrinking and dryness of the genital areas, though. The warm water washes natural lubricants out. Add some silicone-based lubricant to keep those areas moist and comfortable.

If you want an elaborate and elegant event, scope out your location ahead of time and figure out when you are least likely to be caught. You can arrive early to set up a romantic atmosphere with blankets and candles. Though the spontaneous, bare-boned public act is rousing, a well-planned affair will be memorable and impressive.

Before you grab your partner for a public romp, don't forget that showing affection for someone in public is perfectly wonderful, but lewd and indecent acts may be illegal and get you thrown into jail. That would be an awful end to a wild evening.

In Berkeley, I would say that there are numerous scintillating and scandalous places to have sex in public. Listed below are some of the Getting Lucky Locations in Berkeley, and how some people have done it there before:

Campanile-You'll be on top of the world, and your partner, up on the Campanile. You'll get the best view of the Bay and orgasm all at the same time. What more could you want? Its phallic representation is like an invitation to at least make the attempt to have sex at the top. I've heard it's a tricky maneuver, but people have pulled it off by just waiting around at the top for the right moment. Others have just settled for getting it on at the base of the Campanile.

Memorial Stadium-If our football team can't get lucky on that field, maybe you can. Rumor is that sometimes the gates are left open late at night for easy access to the field.

Wheeler Auditorium-I think having sex in Wheeler Auditorium is sweet revenge after spending hours in lectures in the same location. Other lecture halls or empty classrooms can also make great study halls for anatomy. Once again, it's either a late-night venture or, if you happen to know when the lecture hall may be empty, make a go at it.

Rooftops-Berkeley offers great views from the rooftops of almost any building. If you manage to sneak up to the top of a campus building, like Evans or a dorm high-rise, you'll have the most private location to romance your partner. Many Berkeley apartments and houses also offer roofs with beautiful views. Balconies are also great alternatives for the not-quite-so-daring.

Dorms-Any location in the dorm is "public" to me. Your room, for instance, can be public if your roommate is sleeping eight feet away. You can also use the co-ed shower stalls, elevators, the open balconies and lounges or any other kinky setting you set your sights on.

Elevators-This is a tricky one. In order to pull this off, you need a lot of luck and good timing. Hopefully, you have an empty car, a long ride and plenty of time. Some tall hotels in San Francisco are designed specifically for such a thing. Or, you can just stop the elevator for some extra time. And next time you find yourself waiting a really long time for an elevator just think it could be a couple climaxing on the ground floor and smile.

Glades-The Berkeley campus is blessed with many sprawling lawns and glades. They are not only fantastic for sunbathing, but make for a fun place to have sex. Popular locations include: Faculty Glade at night, but you'll want to watch out for that hill. Memorial Glade is a little more populated, but some blankets can help hide any indecent views. Plus, if you are near Memorial Glade, you're only a few feet away from the steps of Doe Library, where the cold marble might make for an interesting experience.

Main Stacks-Speaking of libraries, the Main Stacks are so extensive, tall, and thick, you can find a private little nook where no one ever ventures and get it on. It might be a nice study break.

Clark Kerr Track-How about a nice moonlit run? Actually, the track is just a nice secluded and dark spot for some privacy and a gorgeous city view.

Dark theaters-Find the darkest spot of the back row of any theater and you can easily please your partner while enjoying a first-rate film.

The Big "C"-For the big "O," hike on up the hill to a famous Berkeley landmark. You'll find it quiet and romantic, but bring a blanket and a flashlight.


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