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There's a little Asian guy at Cal games who never quits. Even after the game is out of reach, he demands your noise-same guy, same tie, same khakis, every game.

So what's Mic Man Christian "Ian" Villanueva like without the mic in his hand, when he's not jumping up and down?

Joseph Cannon: First off, who is Oski? Who's in there? Really. Don't lie.

Christian Villanueva: There's someone in there?

JC: Does the spelling of "mic" bother you?

CV: A little, because people always ask me what a "mick" man is.

JC: Do you ever get Mic Man play? Like groupies?

CV: Is that a serious question?

JC: Not even Rally Comm?

CV: I know you want me to make this more interesting for you, but unfortunately not.

JC: What's the best thing that's happened to you as a Mic Man?

CV: A few things: 1) seeing Cal win at Oregon in 2007, and being about 15 yards away from the Cameron Colvin fumble, 2) watching everyone rush the field after we got the Axe back in 2008 and 3) the 2008-09 basketball season (both men's and women's).

JC: What's the worst?

CV: The Oregon State game in 2007 was heartbreaking, I was on the mic during the fourth quarter, and yeah (long pause). I had nothing to say after that one. And watching the women's basketball team lose at the buzzer to George Washington in the second round of the 2008 tourney.

JC: I remember that you got stabbed a few years back. What happened?

CV: My friends and I were hanging out at a park a little later than we probably should have been. These guys came up, wanted my cell phone and I didn't want to give it up. After a few minutes of chaos, we re-grouped, I put my hand at my side, felt a gash and saw blood on my hand. It was a long night.

JC: Which hurt more: being on the mic in fourth quarter of the 2007 Oregon State game, or getting knifed?

CV: Toss up. Though when I got stabbed, I did get to miss a week of school.

JC: What's your pet peeve when you're up there doing your thing?

CV: When people leave early or sit down. And the Chevron Car Race thing-I swear it's blue every time. On the flip side, I do like the Oski Shuffle. That Hamster Dance song is catchy as hell.

JC: How do you stay 100 percent supportive all the time? Do you do like Phil Jackson zen stuff?

CV: I'm a Raiders fan, so I'm pretty numb to losing. Also, there's nothing that a few drinks can't cure after the game. I've spent a few Sunday mornings blaming it on the alcohol.

JC: I've heard you say some pretty sarcastic things up there. What's the worst thing you've said into the mic?

CV: I say stupid shit every day of my life. It's hard to keep track.

JC: What ever happened to the "shoot 'em like a horse" chant?

CV: I have plenty of ideas for new cheers, but I'd get in a lot of trouble for using them. "Shoot 'em like a horse" falls in that category. It's not exactly politically correct.

JC: Do you ever get the urge to drop some F-bombs over the speakers?

CV: I get the urge every game to drop bombs of all letters over the speakers.

JC: Is there some protocol that says that as long as the dance team keeps doing the same dances, and the football team is running the same plays, that the Mic Men are legally bound to do the same cheers?

CV: Damn, we thought no one would ever figure that out.


Did Joseph make the most of his open mic? Tell him at [email protected]

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