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Dear porn, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. San Francisco is heating up the sexy waters in the name of empowerment, inclusion and most of all, arousal. Queer porn has got it going on.

Porn is one of those divisive issues for feminists and people alike. Is it sexy or is it obscene? Does it celebrate women or demean them? And what's with this obsession with fake boobs anyway? This is where it gets real.

Queer porn is all about knocking down boundaries and including real, passionate sex that encompasses a variety of sexualities. Whereas gay, straight, girl-on-girl and lesbian porn all denote something specific and expect a specific audience, queer porn aims to embrace all genders.

So who stars in queer porn? Lesbians, genderqueers, transfolk, anyone under the LGBT rainbow-even the occasional straight person.

"Queer porn doesn't quite fit into any of the traditional genres that have been set up the industry," said Syd Blakovich, porn performer and co-producer for Pink and White Productions. "I think that consumers have been conditioned into buying products based on antiquated formulas about what sex and the bodies that perform it should look like and how they fit into this paradigm. I am more interested in cracking it open, providing personal narratives about individual experiences, not creating another culturally produced edict for expressions of sexuality, gender and identity."

In other words, it feels authentic without feeling packaged. It's performed, not acted. With San Francisco-based Pink and White Productions, the performers even share scenes with real-life partners. The chemistry on screen is unbelievable (in a good way), and there's something extremely hot about people fucking who know exactly how to tease and get each other off. You can tell when someone's playing for pay, and the real deal always feels much more raw, improvised and inhibited. Rather than feeling formulaic, Pink and White's sex scenes are exciting in that we see passion-not just lust.

On paper, queer porn sounds rather vague. And that's kinda the point: That which defines the phrase is fluid and never fixed to particular genders, bodies or sexual acts. Bottom line, though: It's still porn and carries a penchant for the theatrical and athletic. Just don't expect to see a woman get fingered by a hand taloned in long red acrylics.

In one scene of "Champion," Blakovich's most recent raunchy flick, she shares the screen with Madison Young, another local porn star and BDSM enthusiast. She plays rough with Young, twisting nipples and slapping an inner thigh. But it's the kiss they share, in between some tongue-on-clit action and a body flip, that marks the departure from mainstream. It's not like girl-on-girl, where they circle their extended tongues around each other, lips held back. Instead, they make out like you would during a hot and heavy one-night stand, smooshing lips against lips with a little lick of tongue.

Oh yes, queer porn still strives to titillate. The bigger picture, though, goes beyond creamed jeans and tight trousers. It's about creating a space for different bodies and reconfiguring what the mainstream finds desirable.

"Giving an authentic voice to the creation of media is beyond empowering, especially when it's by groups of people who are marginalized, spoken for and continually silenced," Blakovich explained. "When you have a monopolized form of representations being produced by a very small segment of the society, it's detrimental to not only who we are but who we can become."

Perhaps the most pleasurable type of activism, queer porn shows us that what's sexy doesn't have to conform to the norm. The portrayal of differences-in color, in size, in gender-in the porn we consume opens us up to new ideas of what sex is to other people and ultimately what sex is to use. There's something smart in this representation of sex, changing the way media portray desire and the desired. Whether you're queer or not, seeing an explicit and honest coupling can be hot.

Or meaningful, some might say. It creates a dialogue across boundaries and reconstructs the way bodies interact. At the artistic level, it documents physical expression of identities, Blakovich argued.

"I believe that porn is the new contemporary medium of the feminist and queer art movement," she said.


Watch queer porn with Christine at [email protected]

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